Corinne Noordenbos Workshops Australia

3 Day Workshop (Sydney)

Corinne Noordenbos, Modern Madonna (1989-1992)

Corinne Noordenbos, Modern Madonna (1989-1992)

Corinne leads a 3 day project based workshop. In this workshop, the individual project of each of the participants is the focus. Through specific exercises the participants will be very active and hardworking! The workshop is lead by Corinne and involves group discussion and critical theory where required.

The three working days are meant for photographers who like to investigate their storytelling in project form or are trying to understand their unique approach across their collective practice. The workshop is an introduction to visual language and projects on a theoretical and technical level with a large practical element. This workshop is useful for projects or portfolios of work at any stage of development.

The workshop’s main aim is to extend the participants ability to find solutions and trigger new ideas through group work, sharing and exchanging. There is a focus on the possible methods of transforming/translating work into a photographic project or collection with examples, possibilities and images, storytelling construction schemes; training in all the main aspects of the development of the presented projects.

3 working days on: Reflection & analysis on visual language, a project triangle: author, objectives and audience, key image and visual strategy, project, photobook or portfolio conception, editing and structure of storytelling, different possibilities and methods for project/work construction

Dates: Thu., 23/05/2019, 9:00 am –

Sat., 25/05/2019, 6:00 pm AEST

Location: Contact Sheet (St. Leonards, NSW)

Price: $628.81 – $686.84

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