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Public Lecture (Sydney)

Corinne Noordenbos, Concertgebouwbuurt (1998)

Corinne Noordenbos, Concertgebouwbuurt (1998)

Corinne Noordenbos, a world renowned expert of photography and the photographic book will deliver a lecture for the first time in Australia. Awarded extensiviely for her work as an educator and mentor, she has been a reference for many of the most renowned photographers of the moment including Rineke Dijkstra, Viviane Sassen, Rob Hornstra and Wassink Lundgren. Join us for this unique opportunity to hear Corinne, a leading educator and artist.


The tradition of visual storytelling of everyday life in Holland in the photobook

Our main focus in photography seems either the search for aesthetics or documenting the trouble in society.

We love to photograph what we find beautiful or we feel the need to give an account that is troubling us.

Through the history of Photobooks using visual storytelling in the Netherlands, I will give an alternative for those that want to represent their society in an alternative way.

The Dutch Photobooks have established a large international reputation, winning prizes for many years now. Where does the success come from, on what tradition is it based?

I will take you through its tradition to current examples all by showing the work through reproductions of important photobooks and discuss with you the relevance for the present state of our minds.

What are personal stories relevant for others? How can we show them through a photobook to an audience? How are we able to conceptualize and depict reality instead of describing it?

I call myself a conceptual documentary photographer and have been an educator for more than 40 years. I am also a passionate collector of photobooks. I’d love to share this passion with you. I hope you will join us!

Date: Wed., 22nd May 2019

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm AEST

Location: Contact Sheet (St. Leonards, NSW)

Price: $11.64

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